Arkon Digital Entertainment Intro

  • 9 years ago
he digital world is rapidly changing and our customers want to be aggressive in managing their digital footprint. As a result, we’ve evolved to help them achieve their goals in building and leveraging their unique brands. Fortunately, some of our partners have amazing existing video assets; however they’ve largely been pirated or have not been strategically managed within the online video community. Arkon Digital Entertainment specializes in assisting partners to maximize their digital content and specifically manage (by either blocking or monetizing) user-generated content that is all over the Internet and out of their control. We recognize that YouTube is the dominant online video platform and that the professional content created by these very well known brands have an opportunity to maximize return on their digital assets. Not only do we help our partners leverage and monetize these great assets, but we’re also helping our partners formulate an overarching strategy that will extend their digital footprint to continue building their brands and create opportunities in the changing digital world.