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Health & Nutrition For You & Your Pet - Pet Fit Tips

Health & Nutrition Tips for You & Your Pet!
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Getting fit isn't just about exercising, it's about eating right as well!

Portion control is key to eating right. There are portion comparisons you can use, and they're all on your body!

1. Serving of Fruit or Vegetables is the size of your fist
2. Serving of Meat is the size of your palm
3. Serving of snack is a handful
4. Serving of condiment is the size of your thumb

The best way to control your pet's eating habits is to refer to the portion suggestions on the back of the bag.

For you, a good general rule of thumb is to eat more whole foods than processed foods, so that you have less additives in your diet!

Look for the phrase "Complete and Balanced" on your pet's food, because that will ensure that it has the right mix of protein, macro and micronutrients that your pet needs!

Look at the ingredients on your pet's food, and make sure that one of the top three ingredients is an animal protein.

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they should not eat dog food. This means they derive their protein from animals only, whereas dogs can get their protein from animals and plants.

Make sure you consider your pet's life stage and lifestyle when it comes to picking the best food for your pet.

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