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6 years ago

Southern Dish "Tricked Out" Trailer

Southern Dish Web Series
Southern Dish Web Series
Welcome to Southern Dish! When a country girl gets plopped into the core of the Big Apple, instead of getting swallowed up, Krystal invites all her new neighbors in to cuss & discuss life in the gritty city. Meet her BFF, Darlene, the bar staff and her favorite regulars. Watch all of Season 1 today. Cheers y'all! (Trailer version with color and sound mix in place)

Cast and Crew
KRYSTAL - Meredith Riley Stewart
DARLENE - Ogy Durham
MIKE - Ben Whitehair
CUTE BUT STUPID - Hayes Mercure
WHATAWINO - Courtney Black

Directed by BT Jackson.
Original music for the opening and closing of each episode from Lisa Gentile, "Great Big Lie."

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