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AC Unity Win Club Competitions together to unlock Club Gear Join Assassin's Creed Unity club

Assassin's Creed Unity club competitions.
With the latest update of AC Unity we have some light of hope. After been disconnected from AC Initiates before, now AC Unity has been disconnected from the Companion App. Previously, to unlock Altair outfit, you need to unlock all viewpoints in Paris to unlock Glyph puzzles, solve all Glyph puzzles to unlock Nomad missions, complete all nomad missions to unlock Artifacts in the Rifts, collect all artifacts in the Rifts (repeating each Rift 5-8 runs) to unlock Altair outfit and Tailored Phantom gear. That was obviously crazy, wasn't it? Too many things to unlock, to many steps. Now all artifacts in the Rifts are unlocked after the latest patch - welcome to collect them and get your Altair Outfit.
So, I would like to invite you to play some AC Unity. Get your outfits, but I would like you to invite You to my AC Unity club: [A68] Alex68. Search it by tag/name, type "A68" or "Alex68" and send join request - I will accept it within 24 hours. Currently there are 15 members in the Club and 35 vacant places - hurry up to request your seat :) Club now is in high ranks and competing in the Gold Tier 1 level. The competition is tough, so I will need your help to win future competitions. Once you will join the Club, start to earn AC Unity Creed points. You earn Creed points for many different actions, like Air Assassination, Headshot, Sync Kill, etc. Check "Club Competitions" page in menu to see which missions and which actions are currently promoted to double Creed points boost.
Select this mission to play in Private because you don't want random people will mess up your plans. Also join Club with your friends and start Private missions together with your friends to get extra boost of Creed points by doing some group actions, like sync kill.
Based on my experience, I can earn 10K-20K solo from a single Heist mission. I would like to encourage you to earn at least 10K of Creed points a day, and as "super objective" - to earn 100K per competition which lasts for 4 days. By following these objectives we will win all the club competitions in Assassin's Creed Unity and will unlock all exclusive Club Gear! And you will become a Legend and your name will be remembered forever! :)
Have a nice game!

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I am Alex68, my channel gaming and fun alex68acmp: http://goo.gl/zCIqIL
More on Assassin's Creed Unity: http://goo.gl/4kN8fa

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