Rauni Kilde during the panel discussion

  • 9 years ago
Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde during the CHC 2014 panel discussion:

We have to help ourselves. Nobody is going to help s. No institute, no government, because we are under the government. And these are government crimes, crimes against humanity. And it is on the very highest level in every single country. You can go up to the prime minister or the president. ... And they are behind false flag operations.

So what can we do?
First of all it's awareness, awareness, awareness. Talk about it to anybody. And people who are not victims they will not listen, and they don't want to listen because they are afraid. Because if they listen they know they may become victims. So they just deny everything.
But we have to. Because one thing that helps us, I think. We know there is no death, we have an energy body. And it does keep us going and if it doesn't keep you going, it keeps me going because you know you cannot die.
And that's why I am not afraid.