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AC Unity Dead Kings DLC Suger's Legacy All puzzle solutions Eagle of Suger Sword

Unlock The Eagle of Suger by completing all Suger's Legacy puzzles. The Eagle of Surger is an antique vase that contains a mythical powerful weapon. Solve 7 puzzles. Every puzzle contains several Riddles - find location of the next Riddle by using of the Eagle Vision.

Suger's Legacy: I - NATIVITATIS ET MORTIS 1:02
Suger's Legacy: II - MORBUM 2:31
Suger's Legacy: III - DIABOLIS (Story mission) 3:51
Suger's Legacy: IV - NATURA 4:59
Suger's Legacy: V - CRUX (Story mission) 6:47
Suger's Legacy: VI - NOCTIS 8:13
Suger's Legacy: VII - DIES 9:50

Featuring Arno in the Guard of Franciade outfit.
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