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Assassin's Creed Unity All Artifact locations Middle Ages Rifts AC Unity Companion All complete

Finally I have completed all missions in the Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App and unlock all Nomad chests and all Rift Artifacts. Now it's time to collect all Artifacts from the Rifts to unlock Altair's Master Assassin Outfit and other useless gear.
Showing all AC Unity Rift Artifact locations Middle Ages - 7
AC Unity Helix Rift Medieval - Quarry - 4 Artifacts
Assassin's Creed Unity Medieval Rift - Battlefield - 3 Artifacts.
Important Tips:
There is only one Artifact per round - pick it up, complete this round or die - restart the same Rift and search for the next Artifact. There are fixed locations of every Artifact, but only one will spawn at a time and a random one. It may happen that during the next round the same Artifact will be spawned again which you just have collected - you will see it as an empty placeholder... strange logic...

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