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il y a 7 ans

The Woman Tax @France24 by Sophie Janinet, a Georgette Sand

Georgette Sand
- French stores accused of imposing ‘woman tax’-
Government agrees to investigate after women’s rights groups call on supermarkets to stop sexist pricing policies.
France’s finance ministry has ordered an inquiry into why female shoppers are paying more than male consumers for apparently identical products.

Shampoos, deodorants, razors and other goods marketed as “feminine” are subject to what a French women’s rights group, called "Georgette Sand", says is an “invisible tax” making them pricier.

After launching a petition that has attracted 30,000 signatures, government officials have promised to investigate the discrepancies.

The campaign has the support of Pascale Boistard, the secretary of state for women’s rights, who tweeted: “Is pink a luxury colour?”

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