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9 years ago

Erin Foster Is The Worst Babysitter Ever!

Directed By: Justin Coit (@JustinCoit)
Starring: Erin Foster and Sunny Obst (Daughter of @LiesITellMyD)
Let's be clear: kids are the worst.
They ask too many questions, they're super nosy, they're super needy, they spill everything, they're small, they don't get sarcasm, they can't read, they have no concept of how to be subtle about ANYTHING and they are full on buzz kills when it comes to almost everything.
Babies are fine -- mostly because they can't speak. You could exaggerate a story around them and they would just let it slide, but tell the slightest tall tale around a kid and they're all like, "That's not what happened, Auntie Erin!"
Don't ask me to watch your kid, unless you want them to find out the truth about Santa Claus and what "Mommy used to be a dancer" really means.
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