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8 years ago

The Documentation of a Horrible Event (The End is Nigh!)

Blight Productions
Blight Productions
WARNING: This is NOT an inspirational documentary about amazing artists...this IS the documentation of a horrible event!

Last year something terrible happened during what was supposed to be a "FAKE" zombie walk in Long Beach, California...a couple of idiots accidentally recorded it.

This is their last story.

I do not know if there are any living humans left to watch this; I am in my editing bunker outside of town. I only have a few provisions left...most likely I will be the last human to post a video on the internet; however, if you see this warned: THE END IS NIGH!!!!!

It is often our job as documentarians to navigate lost archival footage, piece together what we discover and present to you, the surviving humans of the world, our findings.


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