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8 years ago

"How Do You Start Your Clown Adventure?" - A FOOL'S IDEA

Blight Productions
Blight Productions
How Do You Start Your Clown Adventure?

Meet some of the amazing artists featured in season 02 of "A Fool's Idea".

Trailer #11 features: Pepa Plana, Artem Zhimo, & Guillem Albà.

We need your help now more then ever, so that we can continue to support the creative performing arts!

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Do you believe in the power of laughter? It is one of the most powerful and intensely cathartic experiences a human being will ever go through. Laughter increases joy and happiness, it creates intimate moments of social bonding, decreases stress, and boosts your immune system.

Do you believe in the power of storytelling? A great story can transform your life and inspire greatness. An amazing story can unite communities, and change the world.

Now, if laughter can make your life better and an amazing story can change the world, wouldn't you then agree that the world's greatest laughter-inducing storytellers would be something special -- something so amazing you might want to learn more about them? Wouldn't it be great if you could have access to the world's greatest storytellers and ask them anything? Wouldn't it be fantastic if someone would take your questions to these great artists and present you with the answers in a fun and entertaining way?

You may ask yourself, who are these mythical masters of comedy and story? Are they real? Can there really be such incredibly talented performers that have the unique ability to communicate with EVERYONE around the world? In order to qualify for consideration as one of the "world's" greatest storytellers, one must be able to effectively communicate across cultural and language barriers.

Does an artist exist who has the ability to spread joy and laughter to every man, woman and child with at least one functioning eye and a brain?

The answer is YES and these artists are called "CLOWNS"!

Clowns are the visual storytellers, the physical comedians, the brilliant creators and performers who have the amazing ability to transcend any spoken or written language and clearly connect and communicate stories to everyone around the world.

These mythical performers do exist, and they have existed for as long as humans have been communicating with each other. In many cultures they have been considered as important to society as spiritual leaders and shaman. In western society they more commonly appear on a stage, on a screen, at a community event, or in the circus. You may already know a few of the more famous names like Charlie Chaplin, Harpo Marx, Buster Keaton, Mister Bean, Jerry Lewis, John Gilkey, Jango Edwards, Emmit Kelly and Red Skelton; but there are so many more around the world whom you most likely have not heard of, whose stories and life experiences are just as powerful and important to share with the world. These master storytellers travel the world spreading joy, wisdom, life experience and happiness to small remote villages, cabarets, theaters, and other communities all over the globe. They have dedicated their lives to the art and craft of communicating stories through the universal visual language of clowning and physical comedy.

These very special, gifted and unique storytellers use different techniques in order to communicate; some use a red nose, others use wacky costumes, sometimes bold makeup, but they only use these tools in order to serve the narrative. Wacky costumes, big hair and a red nose are NOT required tools of the clown, they are simply parts of a vast tool set which can be accessed in order to enhance the artist's ability to visually communicate a narrative. Some artists use these tools and some do not. It all depends on what and how they wish to communicate to any given audience.

Please support "A Fool's Idea" and become part of our story now!

"A Fool's Idea" is our way of helping society learn how to rediscover its innocence so that we all can remember what it means to be human.

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