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Barbra Streisand : European tour 2013 - "concert idéal" Act II

Réalisation : What' s Up Doc?, le site français dédié à Barbra Streisand

Act II
- My Man
- What'll I Do? / My Funny Valentine (with Chris Botti)
- Lost Inside of You (with Chris Botti)
- Evergreen (with Chris Botti)
- Emmanuel (Chris Botti + Lucia Micarelli)
- People
- Here's To Life
- Make Our Garden Grow / Somewhere (with FireChoir, Chris Botti, Jason Gould, Remko Harms, Ivan Siegelaar, Arwin Kluft and violinist Lucia Micarelli)
- Smile (with Roslyn Kind)
- Hatikvah
- Happy Days Are Here Again
- Some Other Time
- Send in the Clowns
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