I'm an agnostic creationist. I HATE RELIGION but I will still speak out against human rights violations. Most Christians in America are evil. Christians in America have molested me when I was a boy, betrayed, robbed, cheated and lied to me and defrauded me out of over $300,000.00. Christians owe me $300,000.00 x 7. There are good Christians in America such as Ray Comfort and those who follow Way of the Master but most are worthless pieces of garbage & should be sent to be Islamic countries where their faith will be destroyed once they’ve been persecuted. Christians in America are hypocrites and their faith is a joke. They only “love” god because they have it so good here. I have been studying the Bible for over 25 years. I'm a student of textual criticism, paleo Hebrew, biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek. I have read the Bible front to back at least 100 times. I do not hate all Christians but most Protestants and all the Protestant sects unfortunately are a bunch of hypocrites. They don't even realize that the Orthodox/Coptic church is the original Christian church. After that the Catholic Church was formed and then much later the Protestant church. Most Christians don't even have a basic understanding of church or Bible history. I was also brutally and savagely beaten by Southern Baptist Christians.