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China Is Noodle Heaven. Here Are Four Of The Best.

Have a favorite type of noodles? We travel to some of China’s top noodle-making regions to see how they still knead, pull, and cook everything by hand. Featuring: Lanzhou’s hand-pulled noodles, Xi’an’s biang biang noodles, Shanxi’s “cat ears” noodles and oat noodles.

This is a four-part series which that brings together previous episodes from our Eat China’s Noodle and Bao Edition. And it’s going to be aired on Asian Food Network. Stay tuned for the next episode for more stories about noodles!

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00:00 Lanzhou’s hand-pulled noodles
05:50 Xi’an’s biang biang noodles
11:31 Shanxi’s “cat ears” noodles
16:04 Shanxi’s oat noodles

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Producer: Clarissa Wei
Videographer: Patrick Wong
Animation: Frank Lam, Ray Ngan
Editor: Nicholas Ko, Hanley Chu, Joel Roche
Mastering: Victor Peña

#noodles #food #china

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