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Hot Aluminium Dross&slag (white dross or black dross) Processing Machine

Michael Tan
Aluminum dross&slag (white dross or black dross) processing machine is a special machine that designed for the separating aluminum from aluminum dross and aluminum slag, which is one necessary machine in the aluminum dross processing and aluminum dross recovery. Aluminum dross processing is also one important procedure in aluminum recovery field.

Hot Aluminium Dross Processing Machine (Aluminum Recovery System)
Recover Aluminium, Reuse residual dross, Reduce waste material

However, dross is not a waste. Apart from oxides, dross is largely free aluminium (up to 80 percent by weight) making it a valuable commodity. This dross contains about 50% aluminium metal or more, but to collect the aluminium metal from the dross is a key challenge yet a necessity in saving resources, reducing costs and improving a firm’s profit ratio.

The traditional dross processing technique involves the use of large quantities of salt to separate the aluminium from the oxides, but the salt remains trapped in the residue.

FOSHAN METECH ALUMINUM TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD recently developed and patented an advanced technique for retrieving the aluminium from the material. It even allows full recovery and easy valorization of the non-metallic part of the dross. The new Hot Aluminum Dross Processing Machine (Aluminum recovery system) with advanced treatment method makes it economically viable to treat residual waste left after conventional recycling, offering cost savings and environmental benefits.

The advantages of the Hot Aluminum Dross Processing Machine
The Hot Aluminum Dross Processing Machine (Aluminium Recovery System) can reclaim more than 90% of the aluminium metal from the dross and significantly improve the aluminium collection ratio, when compared with conventional methods.

Its unique design offers excellent operability and high durability. According to actual users, both domestic and abroad, the system has yet to malfunction, which attests its reputation for long-lasting, efficient operation.

The Aluminum Recovery System processes and recovers metal at high-speed and extracts the aluminium with only a few minutes needed for each processing cycle. Material costs are significantly decreased

The Hot Aluminum Dross Processing Machine (Aluminium Recovery System) is equipped with dust collector unit, which collects the dross waste while it is in the thermal dross processing/aluminium recovery stage. This prevents any harmful impact from dross dust diffusion on the surrounding environment and health of nearby residents. .

Users can select the range of equipment they wish to use, such as the entire system or the dross processing aluminium recovery machine alone, which has HL-900, 1100, 1300 types ( can be tailor made as per customer’s need )developed principally for aluminium die-cast manufacturers; the Hot Aluminum Dross Processing Machine (Aluminum Recovery System ) has an excellent reputation due to its compact size yet high efficiency and superior operability.

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