Ladotee is a musician/rapper from San Diego, CA. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1993, Ladotee spent his early childhood brie y living in many of the most infamous and dangerous cities around California such as Oakland, Stockton, and Los Angeles, before eventually settling in San Diego. At the early age of nine years old, Ladotee wrote his first rap, after discovering an interest in music, which would later develop into an undeniable passion that would push him to start his career at 16 years old.
Attributed to the unique voice of Ladotee and solid production by JiKay, the two would virtually produce an original, interbred style of Hip-Hop instantaneously. His first EP called, "This is Actually Happening" released on November 7th 2017. The EP is already shooting up the charts and placed on over 230 playlists on spotify.

Instagram: @ladotee
Twitter: @Ladotee
Soundcloud: @ladotee
Youtube: @ladotee