Tha One And Only DFace

Welcome to Daily Face Management (#dfacemgmt) on Dailymotion Player and I actually am D.Face. the website listed above is the web home address, just in case you want to come by and visit. I'm not always there, and even if I'm not I'll usually leave a buncha cool stuff for you to do (or not) until i get back.<br /><br /> There is always something going on in my life that is insane wild crazy, and sometimes just unbelievabble at times even for me. So aside from from my artists new videos or whatever we are working on, you get to see the real us too.<br /><br />Who is us?? Sorry, i thought you knew! Us is my label Currency Stack Entertainment, a major-indie label that has sold over 400,000 units to date. <br /><br />Anyway thanks for watching me and my artist act crazy and ****. It really means alot. #FollowMe #ImKcaB <br /><br />@Dfacemanagement <br />@currencystackent