avi rosen

The cyberspace data-sphere is the domain of “Bits of My Life” (BML, started Dec. 2007) ‎video blog or- 'Impressions of a data Flâneur'. I systematically employs my cell phone, to ‎create a video documentation ‎‏'backup‏'‏‎ of my daily life occurrences. BML is his eternal ‎‎'digital mummy' located in cyberspace superposition, ready and available for use by ‎present and future generations. The videos are mostly as is, unedited, uploaded from cell ‎phone to Dailymotion.com site. The Bits are the 'meme' for further ‎construction/deconstruction of net audiovisual mutual memory sequences consumed by ‎other cyber-flâneurs. Dailymotion, Google, YouTube and its partners become a giant hub, ‎dominating cyber-culture, global networked economy, surfers' language and behavior. The ‎Cyberspace is an extension of our foot, eye skin and nervous system positioned on torus-‎like digital topology.‎