Aquarius Records

The Aquarius Records records label has been established in Zagreb in 1995.
It has emerged from the Club Aquarius as a result of a few music enthusiasts working with a goal to start a whole new music scene in Croatia with a series of concerts and festivals. It was shortly established as one of leading records labels in Croatian discography.
A careful selection of original and quality performers is the main criteria of discography development in Aquarius Records, and as proof of it they have received more than 200 Porin discography awards throughout the years.
Today they are proud publishers of such performers as Oliver Dragojević, Nina Badrić, Massimo, Tedi Spalato, Tamara Obrovac, Marko Tolja, Cubismo, Ivana & Marija Husar, Šajeta, Songkillers and many other respectable musicians, that have had numerous achievements outside of Croatia also.
Special attention is given to numerous Croatian musicians that specialize in classical and jazz music, folklore, Croatian ethno music and editions of so called "music institutions" such as the Lado Ensemble and the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, they also focus on finding and promoting young and original musicians in the field of club, alternative and ethno music.
Aquarius Records, for many years a license partner of Universal Music Records, is today a license partner of IRMA, Putumayo, Compost, Multimedia Records, Hayat Production and ECM.
Retail chain of Aquarius CD stores has a respectable place in Zagreb's music scene and together with "Klasika&Jazz" CD store is significantly popularizing classical music.