Yukina Cho

Just like YouTube, I've decided to answer some E-mailed and Commented FAQ here. <br /><br />1. No, I do not work for Saiyuki or any companies affiliated with them. I'm just a fan of the show, and enjoy promoting them with any chance I get. Thank-you for thinking I'd be good enough to even bring them coffee let alone design commercials. <br /><br />2. I use Vegas Movie Studio by Sony to make all of my videos. I absolutely love the program. <br /><br />3. No, I do not make AMV's or anything like them for a living. I wish. <br /><br />4. I don't care if people steal my work and claim it as their own. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm cool enough to be stolen and plagiarized then I probably shouldn't complain about it. My work is simply out of the love of anime(primarily saiyuki), music and design. I don't do it to be famous, gain friends, make money or start a court battle with people who want to be as 'cool' as they think I am. So, a special note to those who illegally download my work and splash it around: I'm flattered, really, that you would choose to steal my work, and I also feel a great sorrow for you that you can't create things on your own. Sucks to be you. <br /><br />And for those of you who find anyone stealing my work, what you choose to do to them is your own doing...but I would SOOOOO love it if you told me about it. A good spamming is always fun. <br /><br />5. Yes I'm easy to be friends with, and accept all invitations. I try to post back to everyone that writes me a comment to thank them for the time they spent not only watching my work, but commenting on it, just as I try to e-mail everyone back that e-mails me. Yeah...I know, I'm a good person...creepy fangirl person...but good nonetheless...unless it's D&D then I'm Chaotic Neutral. <br /><br />That pretty much sums me up. The only other thing I could tell you about me is that I have wonderful friends, amazing co-workers, and a wonderful Mother, and darling little sisters I simply adore more then anything, who make my chaotic life worth living. <br /><br />