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The creators of Debtocracy, a documentary with two million views broadcasted from Japan to Latin America, analyze the shifting of state assets to private hands.

They travel round the world gathering data on privatization in developed countries and search for clues on the day after Greece’s massive privatization program.

Catastroika is a crowdfunded documentary under creative commons license.

3 σχόλια

what they forgot to mention is that they also destroyed our social world so we cannot get organized as we used to do around a beer and a cigarette in a bar for instance. Everybody is beginning to feel chased and spied day and night. It is a real burden to go out and meet people in peace. Exagerated speed limits, exagared fines, cameras everywhere, wrong people being pursuid while criminels being left free to do what they like to do. Limitations and limitations made us all stay at home, watching corrupted media to brainwash us with false information.
A well organized chaos is on its way where we will kill each other out of frustrations.
So sad. It could have been so different. greedyness is an awful beast.
Από dm_5043a6b2a10f0 3 χρονια πριν
Must see video... just opened my eyes
Από Edward Pecor 3 χρονια πριν
All this demonstrates is that socialsim is a huge failure. The Greeks have been totally brainwashed into thinking that the government must take care of them. Their government didn't really care about the consegences, or even the future for that matter, since they should have know that their balooning spending overuns will eventually have to stop. But they didn't care because thier system is corrupt. All I can say is the present Greek government is better off dead.
Από Steve Jan 3 χρονια πριν