INFOWAR productions was established in 2010, building on its members’ long standing cooperation since 2001 in various media projects. Since 2011 it produced the documentaries Debtocracy and Catastroika, which were watched by millions of viewers all around the world. These projects constitute two of the biggest experiments in crowd-funding, both in Greece and on a European level.<br /><br />Several international media outlets (e.g. CNN, Al Jazeera, Guardian, Liberation etc.) talked about our documentaries, which were screened in more than 20 countries, from Argentina to Japan. Besides, our company has produced short documentaries for the Guardian, Medecins du Monde, and several Greek companies and organizations.<br /><br />In addition, Infowar Productions is the creator and distributor of the Greek radio show INFOWAR, broadcasted by leading radio stations in Greece and Cyprus since 2006.<br /><br />Our team consists of highly skilled journalists, cameramen and photographers who have worked in various hot spots for leading international media and news agencies. Experienced video editors and sound designers provide post production services.