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Theo Chalmers interviews author Duane Mullin who has written a book based on his studies of human societies and in particular the role that money plays in distorting relationships within those societies which use money, such as most of the so-called civilized world. His book is "The Failing Logic of Money" and in it he has a radical modern solution including a guarantee (his words) that a credit crunch never happens again and that all human needs are met.


prefer duane's view than jacques fresco by a long shot
By motioncrittical 4 years ago
Thanks for watching, Joe and dtg. I interviewed Duane Mullin before I interviewed Jacques Fresco. At the time I was not aware of the similarities and no-one texted in to ask about them. It is of course possible that Duane acknowledges his sources in his book, although I do not have a copy to hand as I write this. Cheerio, theo
By Theo Chalmers 4 years ago
I have agree with joelholt. I have seen this host Interview Jacque Fresco and I am just as surprised. All the conclusions made by Duane Mullin have been made by Fresco.
By dtgbrown 4 years ago
This information in his book appears to me to be directly lifted from the book by Jacque Fresco called "The Best that Money Can't Buy". It was Jacque Fresco who coined the term "resource based economy" from over 70 years of work. I am surprised that the host here did not remember these same concept were presented on this very show a while back.
By joelholt 4 years ago