Theo Chalmers

From October 2008 Theo Chalmers hosted On The Edge; the most popular show on Edge Media/Controversial TV (Sky Channel 200). The shows feature interviews with recognised experts and iconoclasts, many of them politicians, scientists, activists, authors and film makers, chosen for their alternative and radical thinking on subjects as diverse as 9:11, 7:7, the death of Diana, treason, aliens/UFOs, Apollo moon landings, life on Mars, illegal wars, secret family courts, crop circles, Israel/Palestine, corrupt politicians, the legality of our membership of the EU, New World Order, Illuminati, Common Purpose, freeman movement, 2012 predictions, cryptids/bigfoot/chupacabra, animal mutilations, Starchild skull, human rights, war-crimes/genocide, dangerous vaccines, BMC, global banking conspiracy, Venus project, false flag, Naadi leaves, Hollie Greig, spirituality/spiritworld, life after death, supressed history, psychotropic drugs, mankind's slavery, our true purpose etc. If you have an enquiring mind these programmes will not fail to feed your brain. Guaranteed. Or your lightly fried synapses back. UPDATE: From September 2011 Theo Chalmers produced and hosted a new series of interview shows on Sky channel 200 called One Step Beyond. Selected examples of these shows now will be posted on here. Enjoy.