Dreamer Supertramp singer songwriter Roger Hodgson


by BDFilms4U

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ca dechire
By ohaime51 5 years ago
Roger has such an incredible voice. Every time I hear it I am so amazed how great he sounds after all these years. Even better live than on the Supertramp records. You get the pure essence of the singer and the song. Amazing how accurately he hits those really high notes. Bravo!!!! This video captures it so well. I felt like I was right there.
By MsEndersgame 5 years ago
What an awesome song and performance by Roger his smile is contagious. His concerts always leave me uplifted and happy. Dreamer is one of my many favorite songs by Roger. I cannot wait to see him June 6th at Trier Arena in Germany.
By Jill Enders 5 years ago
Wow! Roger's voice is so strong. Sounds even better now than in the old days with Supertramp and I love this song. Besides being an all time classic, it just has a certain excitement to it like a jolt of youth serum or something. Keep up the great work Roger. I never get tired of these awesome songs.
By John_580 5 years ago