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    Live Breakfast in America by Roger Hodgson (Supertramp)


    by BDFilms4U

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    Breakfast in America written and composed by Co-founder of Supertramp Roger Hodgson. The songs Roger Hodgson sings that are often referred to as Supertramp songs are songs that Roger wrote and composed alone - that is how he creates music. He will often hear the musical composition first and then the lyrics come. Sometimes he will hear the whole song complete inside himself before he puts it down on paper and recording.

    When he was with Supertramp, he would make a demo of the song and bring it to the band for them to learn their parts. So Supertramp as a band never wrote and composed together, there were only 2 songwriters for the band. The songs Roger sings lead vocals on are the ones he composed the music and lyrics for, and the songs Rick sings lead vocals on are the ones that he wrote.

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    Roger performs around the world in a variety of formats from unplugged to band and orchestra. He is currently on tour and shows are selling out. For the latest Tour schedule, tickets and info go to: or Remember to like the page to get the latest happenings

    There are still some shows left in 2012 and Good News some of the first 2013 Tour dates have been announced!

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    Shares about Roger’s concerts:

    “A great artist, a great venue. The sound was also excellent and the ambiance was super. Even for the musician in me, it was a pure delight for the eyes and the ears. I was heading for a show that night, but Roger Hodgson turned it into a memorable evening.”

    “You brought back memories hidden in me for so long. I had the best time since I don’t remember.”

    "This show is a jewel… it's unique, fantastic sound.. just 2 of them on stage and it sounds like an orchestra!"

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