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    Take the Long Way Home by Roger Hodgson Co-founder Supertramp


    by BDFilms4U

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    Roger Hodgson, former lead singer and songwriter for Supertramp, wrote and sang most of the classic hits that brought Supertramp worldwide acclaim. Although Roger shared writer's credit with Rick Davies, they wrote and composed separately with each singing their own respective songs, much like Lennon/McCartney. Roger received two awards from ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) for his songs being in the top played songs in their repertory, proving that they have indeed stood the test of time.

    Many people are unaware that Roger was Supertramp's chief architect and visionary when it came to arranging and producing the albums and designing the stage shows. All his gifts continue to shine through - in every concert he takes people on a musical journey that is both powerfully moving and intimate.

    Roger performs around the world in a variety of formats from unplugged to band and orchestra. He is currently on tour and shows are selling out.

    For the latest tour details and info go to: or Be sure to "like" Roger's Facebook page while you're there.

    Sample Set List -

    Take the Long Way Home
    Sister Moonshine
    Lovers in the Wind
    Breakfast in America
    Rosie Had Everything Planned
    A Soapbox Opera
    C'est le Bon
    The Logical Song

    Child of Vision
    Only Because of You/Lord is it Mine
    Even in the Quietest Moments
    Say Goodbye
    Don't Leave Me Now
    Fool's Overture
    Two of Us
    Give a Little Bit
    It's Raining Again

    Visit Roger's store at for authentic signed merchandise.

    Roger's latest release, Classics Live, is a spectacular collection of live performances from his solo, band and orchestra shows around the world recorded on his 2010 World Tour. You can get it now on iTunes:
    Classics Live: