Muskrat Ramble - Carlings 1984

bob erwig
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Muskrat Ramble – Carlings 1984
We see here an exceptional performance of the Carling Family from Gotheborg Sweden during a concert in Poland in 1984.
Father Hans plays trumpet and follows the exact arrangement of the original recording by Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five from 1926. The over-all time is 2min and 30 seconds just like the Hot Five and is being played in Ab as well. The full family, mam Aina on banjo, daughter Gerd (13) on piano with son Max (15) on clarinet and daughter Gunhild(9) on trombone, must have thoroughly studied this jazz classic and all get the feel just perfectly right.
To me the most amazing part is daughter Gunhild who follows the Kid Ory trombone pattern fully. I have never seen anybody play it that close and with that energy. How is it possible, not just that, but at 9 years old as well?.
Of course Max on clarinet is just as stunning, but at least one can state that Max probably had a few years of practice. Father Hans is a phenominal jazz musician, so the family must have inherited his talents at a very early age.

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