bob erwig

Bob is retired, amateur cornetist, born in the Netherlands, moved to Toronto Canada in 1966,
played in Climax Jazz Band from 1971 to 1996,moved to British Columbia in 1996
Plays in the Okanagan in a jazz band called
Okanagan Swing ( no website)


greetings, nice work!
Last year by Mikebray
Hi Bob. When you were in the Netherlands, did you ever come across a bass player/vocalist by the name of Sjef Misere aka Joe Miller? He played Jazz/Swing and was very prevalent in the 1950s in postwar Germany as well as other places...... I have been attempting to collect information about his life and career and would be really interested in anything you may know of. Many thanks
2 years ago by jazzheritage
thank you, for being my friend!
love from Amsterdam
7 years ago by miekevannie
bob erwig
You'll find most info on my profile in bob's biography above.
I just started with the playlist section. Have a look!
7 years ago by bob erwig

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