Anoushka Shankar Live at Verbier Festival - Mishra Pilu.


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Ravi Shankar's daughter, Anoushka, plays live, at Verbier Festival part of a raga "Mishra Pilu".

Sitar: Anoushka Shankar
Violin: Joshua Bell
Tabla: Tanmoy Bose

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Sitar music touches me in a spiritual place. It is a very mesmerizing and relaxing style that makes my imagination run rampant. I watched a video with Ravi Shankar that went into some brief detail of the style and form of Indian music. I was overwhelmed at how different it is to Western music styles. I had played bass trombone from 6th grade to three years into my college years. I have a broad interest in different styles of music including American Indian tribal, Australian tribal (didjeridoo specifically), Scottish Regimental and Irish bagpipe and Jigs and Reels, Indian Sitar, African tribal drum, and the various Western styles of music. The Indian Sitar just hits such a spiritual and meditative spot in my head, depending on the tempo, of course. I'm very pleased to find this music so readily available!
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dialogues et complémentarités sans mot...
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