<br />Dark blond, grey-blue eyed; middle sized. Quiet and cool, I think; rather romantic. Huge animal lover (7 cats). Not much French in ideas and tastes, I confess...I belong to the world, first. <br />I lived 15 years abroad, in Scotland, Germany and French Guiana. I traveled a lot on 4 continents and know about 15 languages. <br /> For more than 20 years I helped poor boys, mainly in India and Latin America and brought up one. <br />I am now retired from the Ministry of Education. <br />I love foreign cultures, classical and folk musics, some rock too ( I play the guitar), and Oriental spiritualities. <br />Politically, I am for Liberalism. <br />I have many American friends, and a great love for India and Israel. My dream,nowadays, is to see Dylan M. Patton, the first young artist I ever admired, successful in his acting career and ,maybe, meet him really and not only on the web, some day.I have a liking for young Arizona singer Dillon Lane, too;Elie Dupuis (Québec) moves me. Dylan Taylor is a gifted young guitarist and composer and I think the best boy I met, for his human qualities, is young actor Caden Michael Willams, unfortunately opposed in his dreams by very strict parents. <br />I love Grant Austin Taylor, a genius of the guitar, Joseph Mc Manners, the best treble voice ever,Noa, young actors , Miles Heizer,Remy Thorne, Freddie Highmore , plus , on You Tube, Justin Bieber and young piano prodigy Ferdinand Buendia. <br />I was lucky enough to become a friend of most of these young artists and be in touch with them on the web or through chats on I.M.s. <br />I am also a big Joan Baez, Bob Dylan well as Country music fan.. <br />One bad habit: <br />Sometimes,I smoke Irish or aromatic tobaccoes in a pipe, and I don't dislike a drop of Kentucky Bourbon, now and then. I use a hookah only in the Middle East ! <br /><br />