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    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review


    par Mavrika1

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    The Half-Blood Prince is a lousy representation of the best-selling novel.

    The Good
    • Lots of references to the original Harry Potter fiction.
    The Bad
    • Gameplay consists of only three different activities that get old fast  
    • Story is difficult to follow if you haven't read the book  
    • Character models and voice acting are subpar.

    • Although the Harry Potter novels are some of the finest fantasy works around, the famous wizard's foray into other media has been met with uneven success. The movies based on these books don’t contain all the story details, but they have been saved by their fantastic special effects and beautiful art direction. Unfortunately, their video game counterparts have struggled to capture the brilliance of the books. Half-Blood Prince continues right where 2007's disappointing Order of the Phoenix left off. An accurate representation of Hogwarts is the main draw, but simple gameplay and a lack of any coherent storytelling mar the whole experience. For fans of the books, there is a certain joy in tromping around the weathered school grounds and dueling death eaters, but the Half-Blood Prince ultimately feels like a half-finished game.