Basin Street Blues - Armstrong 1959

bob erwig
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Basin Street Blues - Louis Armstrong All Stars 1959
This clip I had never seen before. The emotion was similar to when I saw Louis for the first time live in Blokker, Holland in 1965. One just let the tears roll. What is it with Louis? It is his tone, his timing, it’s that feeling that you want to play like that, but you can’t. Nobody can.
They all tried: Red Allen, Rex Stewart, Roy Eldridge, Bill Coleman, Buck Clayton and so on. They all learned from Louis. Every time watching Louis I hope to learn a bit as well.
This clip is from the same tour in 1959 where films were made from concerts in Brussels as well as in Amsterdam. I have one excellent clip from the Amsterdam concert on youtube as well, but I believe the rest is hidden somewhere in the Dutch broadcast archives and might never be disclosed. What a surprise to find film from a concert in Stuttgart, Germany. Good quality film and sound. You can see it, these Germans know what to do, high quality stereo mikes up front and on top of that great hall accoustics.
Louis’ famous team consists of Trummy Young trombone, Peanuts Hucko clarinet, Billy Kyle piano, Danny Barcelona drums. On bass is Mort Herbert, a lawyer, who took a sabbatical when invited to go on tour with Louis. Just like Arvell Shaw he plays the unamplified bass and that great supporting sound come from a combination of hard work, gut-strings and a higher bridge bringing the strings further away from the fingerboard.

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