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    Wolverine Blues -Bob's music 1965

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Wolverine Blues - Bob’s music in 1965
    This is a recording of one of the earliest bands in which I played my trumpet. It was still in Holland, the year before I left for Canada to search for a new life. Would there be a possible way to enjoy playing my beloved horn again?
    At least I had a wonderful band. We worked hard, had plenty of gigs and were in the recording studio to play this tune.
    Today, some 45 years later, I still enjoy listening to this music. I hope you do as well.

    Use a headphone for optimal sound reproduction
    Musicians: Bob Erwig trumpet, Joop Postma clarinet, Jan Meeuwisse trombone, Dick Posthuma piano, Ad Funke banjo, Ad Wijn bass, Ted de Jong drums