Dave Brubeck Take five

bob erwig
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Take Five Brubeck Dave Quartet 1961

This clip came from a collector in the Netherlands who taped it from a Dutch jazz TV show in 1961. Dave Brubeck's Quartet plays it's most famous tune called Take Five recorded in Holland. A different version thus.
The very knowledgeable TV host explained that Take Five was composed by alto saxophonist Paul Desmond. Paul got the idea when he was in Turkey and heard the local musicians jam in 9/8 to a bar format. He discussed this concept with Dave Brubeck and the tune Take Five was created .
Paul and Dave at that time never realized this tune would sell in the millions. On the original recording the famous drumsolo appears to be somewhat longer than the one done here by Joe Morello.


Absolutely beautiful. This is S-O-O-O mellow. It's just been on BBC Four to commemorate Dave Brubeck's life (he died on 51212). This is so gorgeous ; I always knew the piece of music but not the artist.
By dm_50b8e08acb778 2 years ago
Tres bien ..! :)) ,.....
By denbaronita denbaro 4 years ago
ftw btw check out my pics!! !!
By loveelybabi87 4 years ago

Un titre légendaire.
By Ultra_White_Forever 7 years ago
Joe is one hell of a drummer,superb.
By Eddie 7 years ago