Tom Petersen

I believe that 'Peace' is achieved through 'Tolerance and Respect'... rather than 'Bloodshed'. <br />As an International Community, we can work together toward achieving World Peace... and through it, an End to World Poverty ! <br /><br />I am (and have always been) very much opposed to the Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan... and I refuse to accept that 'the killing of innocent people' is a way to achieve 'Peace'. <br /><br />As human-beings on Planet Earth... we have the responsibility of looking after what God has given us. We are not the only creatures on this planet. But we are proving to be 'the most destructive' ! <br /><br />God gave us 'each other' to love and to respect. If we can't do that... we should at least learn to settle our differences in a manner that does not cause the destruction of the gifts that God gave not only to man... but to his other creatures as well. <br /><br />We are 'guests' on this Planet. We are borrowing it from the Children of Tomorrow ! <br />Let us End the Shame that is associated with War... and work together toward leaving our children, a world they can be proud of !!!