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    Love for all... All for love !!!

    Tom Petersen

    by Tom Petersen

    Children are the future ?
    I often wonder what they can be learning from us, that is giving them any hope of a future at all !

    So many children, whose home environment is a war-zone...
    So many children, whose last meal will probably be just that !

    It is hard to teach children about love... when all around them is bloodshed.
    It is hard to give them hope of a bright future ahead, when they don't have any food to eat or clean water to drink.
    I don't know where 'our priorities in life' lay... but when I look at all the suffering there is in the world... I can only assume that our priorities are fucked... and the 'future' we are carving for our children, is the same !

    Want to believe there is nothing wrong with the world ?
    Sorry... You've come to the wrong Channel !!!