Seeing the extra in the ordinary.Celebrating life and living to the maximum! Love is the answer. Politically, I am a liberal in that I believe that people and their welfare is far more important than the exploitation of human beings for money. I believe as most native peoples do that the earth is on loan to us and we owe future generations the courtesy of leaving them the land, air and water as clean and unspoiled as we know it can be. The environment is extremely important to me. <br /> Knowing that we are, by nature and for the most part, generous in our sharing with those less fortunate, I am irritated by the law that allows for the exploitation of good people in the name of charity. <br /> I am convinced that our children's education is being compromised for the sake of political elements that have nothing to do with sharing of knowledge and growing self-esteem. We have become very efficient in preparing children to be employees for fast food restaurants, robots in factories and servants, but we have done so without developing young human beings as good human beings. Developing individuals as creative and spiritual human beings should have some value. Helping young minds to know who they are and their place in the universe has value. <br /> I consider myself a spiritual person (not a religious person). Religion, I think, has been effective in promoting divisiveness via the teaching hate and fear under the guise of correct politics. Promoting ignorance under the cloak of dogma has done more harm than good. The destruction of human beings because they have "no soul" can not possibly have anything to do with God. <br /> I think the purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness and the primary guiding law should be do no harm to any human being; not physically, mentally or spiritually. <br /> Our happiness, I think, first begins with the knowledge that we are all Gods created in the likeness of that universal Spirit and, as creative Gods, it is our mission to create,