James Brown's comments after Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination and Black Power. from James Brown: Al Sharpton Quotes 04

  • 11 years ago
James Brown. A clip from the documentary, "The Night James Brown Saved Boston", features James Brown's pleas to the public to stop the violence after Martin Luther King Jr.'s murder. Civil Rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton explains that James Brown felt it was disrespectful for the Black community to respond with violence to Dr. King's death, a man who preached nonviolence.

Video transcript:

James Brown: Education is asset. Know what you're talking about. Be qualified, be ready, then you'll have a problem, be ready, know what you're doing. You know in Augusta, Georgia I used to shine shoes on the steps of radio station WRDW but today I own a video station. You know what that is? That's black vow. It's not in violence. It's in knowing what you're talking about, being ready. Now I say it to you because I'm your brother. I know what's in, I've been there. I'm not talking from imagination I'm talking from my experience. Let's live our country, let's live ourselves. Please get off the street.

Rev. Al Sharpton: The reason that he went on the line in Boston and another's cities when King died is because, one he thought it was self-destructive but two he said this is disrespecting with this man believe. It was almost like whether I believe in nonviolence or not. You can't scar this man's memory and that was what -- was a motivating force for him is don't associate violence with this man who tried so hard to be nonviolent.

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