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7 years ago

Fungal Toenails Laser Treatment - Podiatrist Clifton & Passaic, NJ - Henry Slomowitz, DPM

Laser for Fungal Toenails - Podiatrist in Fair Lawn and Hackensack, NJ - Henry Slomowitz, DPM

Dr. Henry Slomowitz discusses Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails.
There are many reasons for nails to be deformed and discolored. The most common cause is fungus. This organism likes to grow in warm dark moist areas. There is probably no better place than in a shoe. Another area is from the shower, which if not cleaned well, can harbor this infection. The toenail when infected, might only have a light yellowing or white spots on the nail. As the infection develops the toenail will get thicker and discolored. It gets difficult to cut and can start to accumulate debris under the toenail. Once one toenail gets infected others are likely to follow.

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