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http://www.FoldingDoorsandWindows.com Call 760-722-7252; HGTV features Panoramic Doors in their TV Show "HGTV'd". Jamie Durie selects Panoramic Door's bifolding patio door system-The "Signature Series"-for installing in a backyard makeover in California.

Our team at T Group is grateful to have been part of the HGTV experience. Thank you to HGTV for recognizing and selecting Panoramic Doors-the folding, sliding glass wall system. Since the Panoramic Doors can fit into an existing opening without the need for special engineering of the header, our T Group certified installers were able to put both Panoramic Doors on the same day.

Notice how the Panoramic Doors expands their living space, seamlessly combining the indoors space with their outdoor backyard.

What kind of problem does a retractable glass wall solve for homeowners?.

The retractable glass wall cools your home quicker by allowing even the slightest breeze to be felt indoors because you can open the whole door.

Retractable glass walls allow more natural light in because you have thin clean lines.

With the Panoramic Door system there's no need for special engineering of your existing opening. The door can be installed in most openings without the need to upgrade or alter the structure.

The system costs less because most of the hardware found on similar door systems is hidden or eliminated thru our patent pending design. All you see is clean lines.

We have a variety of folding glass wall systems priced for anyone's budget. Our new Vinyl product, called The Absolute,is even more affordable then our Signature Series Panoramic Door, in Aluminum or wood.

Panoramic Doors are bi folding, sliding glass doors-an alternative to patio doors, french doors, and commercial exterior doors. Our glass exterior wall systems save up to 40% below competitor prices. Call us at 760-722-5252, or submit requests through e-mail to: raffy@tgroupsales.com Visit our folding door showroom Oceanside, California.

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