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il y a 10 ans

You say you love me

Brigitte Lemaine
Nina was in love with Lucien but, confused by his unpredictable and violent attitudes, she showed him the door. Threatened by him of committing suicide, she writes all night to recover the thread of her traumatic memories and to keep her spirits.
[Excerpt with english subtitles]

Director : Brigitte Lemaine

54mn, fiction HD, 2009-2011
Résidence d’écriture au Moulin d’Andé, aide à la création audiovisuelle du Val de Marne.
Camera : Muriel Lutz
Sound : Olivier Roux
Editing : Stéphanie Dagues
Music : Olivier Calmel, Joël Fillin, Fallen Joy

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Vidéos à découvrir