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How To Fireproof the Soul

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September 20, 2006
Message #12: How to fireproof your soul (How good is God?)
By Elder Randy Skeete

Everything begins in Genesis:

• Gen 2:25: Adam and Eve were naked but had no shame.
• Gen 3:7: After they sinned, their eyes were opened and they were aware of something they hadn’t known before. They made themselves aprons to cover their nakedness. God is not mentioned in this verse. Self-righteousness or self-repair is not in harmony with God’s plan of salvation.

A chronology of disobedience:

Eve eats the fruit but does not die immediately. She comes to Adam and tells him to eat the fruit. Adam has to deal with the initial shock of seeing his wife in a state of disobedience. Adam and Eve then have a plan to make fig leaves to cover their nakedness. Meanwhile, God has not yet come to them.

• Gen 2:17: God said they would die. What was preserving their lives?

Two words: Jesus Christ.

The plan of salvation was in place before the world was made and went into operation the moment Adam and Eve sinned. They were kept alive by Jesus Christ, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. They were covered by the blood of Christ

The apron of fig leaves symbolizes self-righteousness and hypocrisy:

• Gen 3:7: Only Adam and Eve are present in making the aprons. They clothed themselves.
• Gen 3:8: Adam and Eve hid themselves from God’s presence. They had never done this before.
• Gen 2:21: Adam did not run away from God when approached by Him before. Adam was delighted to see God before sin. Sin changed this relationship 180 degrees.
• Gen 3:9-10: Adam heard God’s voice but he hid. Sin distances us from God. God wants to narrow that distance and He moves first... As sinners we cannot of ourselves move towards God. God must put it in our heart to move to Him, that’s how good God is.

The coat of skins symbolizes the righteousness of Christ:

• Gen 3: 11: God said to Adam, “who told you that you were naked?” God asks Adam and Eve individually.
• Gen 3:21: God made coats for Adam and Eve individually. Salvation is an individual choice.
• Gen 3:21: Adam, Eve, and God are present. God is the only One involved in providing the garment. Only God can save you but you must cooperate with Him. Adam and Eve had to give God permission to clothe them. God had to remove from them the aprons they had made before He could clothe them with the coat of skins. The coat represents the Righteousness of Christ. The coat represented the death of an animal and in Leviticus the sinner himself killed the animal. Adam had to kill the very animals he had named.The slain animal was innocent and. represented Christ. Sin is horrible. Adam and Eve were to see the horribleness of sin contrasted with the righteousness of Christ.

How much sin is in the righteousness life of Christ? None. In clothing Adam and Eve, God took away all their past sin and covered them with Christ’s righteousness symbolically in the form of the coats. Their tainted life was substituted wife the perfect life of Christ. God is so good. When God then looked at Adam and Eve, what did He see? He saw Christ’s life. The covering is really a covering of the heart.

Jesus says “I have clothed you with my righteousness, now live righteously.” We keep sinning and think Jesus will still clothe us with His righteousness. Righteousness is our only protection from hell, God’s destruction of the wicked.

Example of God’s destruction of the wicked:

• Genesis 18:1-19: Abraham receives Christ and two angels and washes their feet. Abraham washed their feet himself even though he had hundreds of servants.
• Genesis 18:19: Abraham’s house was run by the Law of God. God knew him.
• Genesis 18:23 There are only two groups in the world. The righteous and the wicked.
• Jude 7: God was going to destroy the cities of the plain and not just Sodom and Gomorrah.
• Genesis 18:25: The right thing for God to do is to save the righteous and destroy the wicked.
• Genesis 18: 26: “I will spare the whole place for their sake” How good is God? He was to destroy the cities of the plain for their wickedness. Righteousness is so powerful it protects not only the person covered with the righteousness of Christ, in some way it protects even those who are close to righteous people. God has not yet destroyed the earth because there are still righteous people on the earth.
• What has God done for anyone for your sake?
• Are people blessed because of you or cursed?
• Matt 5:13-14: Jesus said, “Ye are the light and the salt of the earth.” People should be enlightened and preserved because of our being covered with Christ’s righteousness. You can be covered with the very righteousness that covered Adam and Eve.

God is more eager to save than to destroy:

• Gen 18:25: Abraham told God that He could not destroy the righteous with the wicked and God agreed. God is a good and just God

Righteousness is the way to fire-proof your soul.

It is the righteousness of Christ that covers you. The righteousness of Christ is the very life of Christ.

• John 14:6: Jesus said He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus had life within himself, but He said He is Life. To receive life you must receive Christ completely. .

• Heb 11: 4: Even dead people can influence others by the live they lived. The life of Abel and his faith has influenced others throughout the ages. If Abel’s life has that kind of influence, what about the life of Christ?

The power of Christ’s life is what changes us and fireproofs our soul. The greatest gift is the universe is the gift of the righteousness of Christ. What does it cost you? The cost to you is your sins. Bring your heart full of sin to God. As God takes your sins away He puts on you the righteousness of Christ. But He must put the sins somewhere. He puts them on the same One who gave you the righteousness: Jesus.

We must be fully covered with Christ’s righteousness and this involves a complete surrender of the heart and life to Him. Not 99% but 100%. Give your life to Christ 100% tonight and He will cover your heart with His righteousness, Amen!

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How To Fireproof the Soul
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