Local Natives interview - Taylor Rice and Ryan Hahn (part 1)

  • 5 jaar geleden
Taylor and Ryan about New Album Gorilla Manor, attention from Europe, the opposite way, performing in Amsterdam, Van Velzen

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Video interview with Taylor Rice and Ryan Hahn from the American indie rock band Local Natives. FaceCulture spoke to Rice and Hahn about their new album Gorilla Manor, the attention from Europe, doing it the opposite way, performing in Amsterdam, van Velzen, getting a record deal, performing at the South by Southwest festival, blogs, Infectious Records, finding their sound, being collaborative in the writing process, quality control, not being a prolific band, the song Airplanes, giving up a lot, pursuing your real dream, drums, african music, learning each other's voices, reproducing the sound live, having one cohesive voice, and more. (21/01/2010)