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Alex Ebert: 'I was looking for death in drugs'

7 dagen geleden114 views

"In college, I did a lot of XTC and it really fucked up my body. I wanted to disassociate. I realised later that the reason I was looking for death, in a way, was that I really didn't know how to approach death."

Watch more video's on http://www.faceculture.com. Video interview with American singer songwriter Alex Ebert. FaceCulture spoke to Alex about his first solo album Alexander, his father's work as a psychotherapist, his clients, childhood therapy, hitting other kids, trouble at school, becoming a clown, rap music, Run DMC, drugs, rehab, accepting death, religion, magic, Edward Sharpe, Spiderman, Jesus, proud parents and more! Alex even plays the song Let's Win live! (18/02/2011)

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Alex Ebert: 'I was looking for death in drugs'
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