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Chimaira interview - Rob Arnold (part 1)

11 uur geleden14 views

Rob Arnold about The 10th anniversary, Ozzfest, Metallica, guitars

Watch more videos on http://www.faceculture.com . Video interview with Chimaira. FaceCulture spoke to guitar player Rob Arnold from metalband Chimaira about Ozzfest, Metallica, guitars, how Mark Hunter and Rob met, leaving Roadrunner Records, the This Present Darkness EP, drummers, fun, Andols Herrick, Kevin Talley leaving, ego clashing, Nuclear Blast, the albums Pass Out of Existence, The Impossibility of Reason, Chimaira, their latest album Resurrection and much more. (11/03/2008)

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Chimaira interview - Rob Arnold (part 1)
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