• 13 years ago
The action short film ends with a cliffhanger, hopefully leaving fans cheering for more. Bat in the Sun Productions has set up a Kickstarter account giving fans the chance to help make this happen.

Please visit's what Bob Hall, first camera man of Dark Knight and Inception, had to say about our new project "In the latest work that I have seen from Aaron Schoenke he shows mature filmmaking techniques and a knack for action movie direction."

Bat in the Sun Productions is proud to present it’s newest film, Seeds of Arkham, directed by Aaron Schoenke. It is a sequel to their other popular web film “City of Scars” which premiered last year exclusively on Dailymotion. The film follows the chaos that breaks out in Gotham City after the Clown Prince of Crime dies. Seeds of Arkham features Kevin Porter, reprising his role as Batman, Xango Henry as Killer Croc, Alexa Mey as Poison Ivy and Aaron Schoenke as Nightwing.

Purchase the song "Scarlett Scorpio" heard in the credits here

Bat in the Sun Productions was founded in 2001 by Aaron and Sean Schoenke. Their work has collected many film festival awards, and has received notable attention from the film industry, as well as a loyal fan base. Their films have been featured on USA Today, MTV, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post.

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