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ALONE AGAIN, a band is looking for a drummer
- Or: The girl in the video

Video - song taken from the POOLSTAR* album “Poolstar” 2006, DJ KOOK-Electro-RMX.

Direction: Felix Kinniro, Töff Malstroem
Camera: Felix Kinniro, Töff Malstroem
Cutter & editor: Felix Kinniro
Music: POOLSTAR* "alone again" KOOK-RMX from the album "Poolstar"
Thanks to: Michéle Josephine, René Bessel
Production & Copyright: GOMRecords 2006/2011

After two exciting years (2008 tour with Die Ärzte, 2009 album release + tour with The Living End, Itchy Poopzkid and Abwärts) we have heard very little about the four Berliners in 2010 and 2011 - too little, which was purely and simply because the long-time drummer Hauser suddenly and unexpectedly left the pool for dry swimming in private life. And so Felix, Töff and Spree were suddenly ALONE AGAIN.

But in the middle of 2011, a new lifeguard for the vacant POOLSTAR drum throne was found. He goes by the name of Biffy Dom, has previously drummed for the Berlin grunge band LAID and now drives POOLSTAR’s song writing ahead with varied beats.

While POOLSTAR spent most of the summertime in their Kreuzberg basement writing new songs, they used one of the few beautiful evenings and nights in the streets of Berlin to shoot a video for the DJ Kook electro remix of the 2006 hit ALONE AGAIN. The video brings both, the band feeling of the last few months and the recurrent mood in this city, to its point.

By the way: according to the song’s title, ALONE AGAIN, the band “met” the girl in the video on Facebook, a playground for all those who cannot bear being somehow alone. They made a spontaneous appointment on her next visit to Berlin, a kind of blind date, where she accompanied the band for a few hours with the camera. The result is a little short film that captures atmospherically moments of loneliness in the streets of a city that is so full of people.

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