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Corruption in the Kansas Judicial Branch

Spencer Young
Documents an audacious instance of corruption by a rural Kansas Judge, who colluded with a local attorney to commit an "I am above the law" fraud, and ensuing cover-up efforts.

NOTE: Subsequent to production of this video, Spencer C. Young learned Leah R. Krier had duped him into believing he was the biological father of her son, Jackson. While saddened by being defrauded, he still loves this boy as if his own, as he spent the first 21 months of the child’s life raising him, while his mother (Ms. Krier) went back to work as a flight attendant, thus leaving him for up to a week at a time.

Revelations of this paternity fraud became known after the coup de grace in “the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history” (verified by Google search), which was coordinated by three banks at the then CEO level through well-acquainted “good ole boys”, who were born, raised and educated in North Carolina – to wit, Paragon (Bob Hatley), Wachovia (Bob Steel) and Morgan Stanley (John Mack). Thereafter, Ms. Krier pursued a life predicated on fraud and deceit, became a five-time felon and has frankly done things once thought unimaginable, thus evidencing the pernicious collateral damage wrought by wayward bankers. For details, go to, and click the category denoted “Leah Krier”.

The worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history was instigated and sponsored by Morgan Stanley and is an integral element in the scandal known as “MorganStanleyGate”. As a former insider Executive Director of Morgan Stanley, and later as the unsuspecting target of Morgan Stanley’s greed-fueled wrath, Mr. Young has waxed eloquent in memorializing how this “too big to fail” bank surreptitiously engages in widespread criminal activities, in his tell-all exposé “Cannibals In White Shoes” – for more, please visit
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