History of Football – The Beautiful Game - Football Cultures (2001) (2/13)

13 years ago
Part 2 of 13 - Football Cultures
This episode looks at varying cultures and how they have developed the same basic game to incorporate their own cultural diversity. It looks into great detail at
Africa in the ‘50s and how the attempt at creating the United States of Africa failed. Many would consider this not to be football related, but this episode shows how
football had an impact on this failure. It also looks at early attempts to build the game in the USA and why it failed there. Even with its massive financial backing
and the importation of some major football stars it still failed at this time. The episode also looks at Spain and the differing cultures there. The Basque region is
the main focus, with a detailed look at how clubs in this region have tried to maintain their Basque heritage. Iran also gets attention we learn how religion had an